Event Recap/The Man Event

The Man Event

Host / Mia / May 2016

Last night at Mia, we opened the conversation to ALL. The panel of men has been in the works at MPLS MadWomen since the start of the organization. No questions were off limits —not even the tough ones—for Moderator, Jessica Nordell. At times things were tense, maybe even awkward, and the panelists? Slightly sweaty. Ed Huerta-Margotta, Director of Talent Acquisition, Carmichael Lynch , Joe Cecere, President & Chief Creative Officer, Little + Co, Chris Lawrence, Director of Account Management, Fallon and Maxwell Twum, Assistant Account Executive, BBDO, opened up to the audience for candid conversation and insightful discussion at #TheManEvent that did not disappoint.

The Brand Lab, Fearless Conversation Series

Host / Brave New Workshop / Apr 2016

I attended The Brand Lab Fearless Conversation Series on Wednesday, April 20. It happened to also be my birthday. Nothing like a little light discussion on race and retention in the workplace to say, wow, you’re old!

In all seriousness, this is a topic we have not tackled directly at MPLS MadWomen. So far, we’ve primarily focused on open and honest conversations about gender and retention methods and will get to this head on at “The Man Event” on May 12.


Event Recap / How Did They Do That?

How did they do that?

Host / Lakes & Legends / Mar 2016

Over 200 people were in attendance last night when the 2016 Mpls MadWomen event series opened at Lakes & Legends Brewing Company. It was the first time an event has been held somewhere other than an agency. This year will be a year of many firsts for Mpls MadWomen. We’re seeking larger venues to accommodate more people, sponsorship to make events possible and support from eager advocates to help share our mission.
Our #HowDidTheyDoThat? panel of speakers have taken on a variety of challenging endeavors. Everything from taking on a job with unique and unfamiliar territory, quitting a job to go freelance, starting a business from the ground up, navigating a career path across for-profit and nonprofit sectors and overcoming personal challenges to, ultimately, find professional success—not easy tasks. We asked them for the hard truth. What did they do when things came up that weren’t easy to figure out? How did they do that?


Lean In, Then Lean the Fuck Out

Recently, I’ve been frustrated with the movement of Lean In. I feel like I’ve been Leaning In for years upon years, and now I’m just burnt out, and not sure that all this Leaning In is effective. Leaning In seems to be tough on women like myself, right as we’re trying to be kind to ourselves. And in my case, I’m a glutton for punishment and just like to do all the things. This winter, I’ve been leaning the heck out of everything and hiding in my basement playing Fallout4. For days.


I’m Cool and So Are you

I’m on the board of an organization called Mpls MadWomen. We’re working towards gender equality in marketing, advertising and creative fields through stimulating conversation and actionable takeaways to evoke change. Whoa.

Single and married, with kids and without kids, career newbies and seasoned #ladybosses, our diverse board met for a weekend retreat to plan our 2016 events and initiatives. Part of the retreat was reserved for exercises to get to know each other better. One activity involved choosing 6 words that described each person in the room. I wish I could have just picked “badass” for everyone.



MadWomen of the Month / Emma Wiedner

First, tell us a little about yourself: Name, Title, Company, How you got there. We want to know your story.

Emma Wiedner, Senior Account Executive Client Engagement, Xaxis. I lead business development and client engagement for Xaxis in the Minneapolis market. Xaxis, the world’s largest programmatic media platforms, helps advertisers & media agencies utilize data and technology to reach their audience on all addressable channels (video, desktop, mobile, digital OOH and instream radio). It’s an extremely exciting, ever-changing space that I believe enables smarter media buying and accountability of creative & media to a client’s real world business results.



MadWomen of the Month / Erinn Farrell

First, tell us a little about yourself: Name, Title, Company, How you got there. We want to know your story.

Well, hello there. I’m Erinn Farrell, the SVP of Business Management and Managing Director of the NYC office for space150. It’s a mouthful, but essentially what it means is that I am active in the development of space150’s growth from both the business (biz Dev) and personnel (HR) side. In addition to those roles across the space150 network, I lead our NYC office in Brooklyn. I’ve been with space150 for nearly 10 years, which in agency world pretty much means I’m the crypt keeper.


Podcast / Purse Strings

President and Founder of Mpls MadWomen, Alison Beattie, spoke with Maria Reitan on Webmaster Radio’s program, Purse Strings. The agency culture is one known for gender equality issues. Mpls MadWomen has been able to create incremental changes within agencies through programs and content that empowers women. Alison Beattie talks Mpls MadWomen roots, moving women forward in their careers and changing the industry game.