Event Recap / Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership

Host / Target / November 2016

Target Creative and Marketing Operations, Senior Vice President, Tammy Redpath sat down to talk about authentic leadership. When stereotypes of leaders exist that include working separate from the group, sometimes being cold and unapproachable and not taking the time to get to know their team, what goes into using our authentic voice to lead? It’s about lifting each other up, showing up as a human, love, yes, LOVE and leading at times when it’s not easy.

Love and leadership

We spend a lot of time with the people we work with, to not feel love would be sad. Get to know who you work with as people and as team members. Love builds a sense of trust, teaches us how to support one another and ultimately leads to really good work.

“I can’t imagine being surrounded by amazing and talented people and not feeling love…and in a friend-love way, not, in a work-love way.

Leading through tough calls

Experiencing conflict is inevitable as well as working through tough situations. Consider how you would show up as a leader and how you would show up as a human. Coming into a situation with respect for the work someone else does in times of conflict is a good place to start and having a level of compassion can help in tough situations.

“One of the hardest parts of being a leader is the impact you’re going to have on people’s lives.”

Leading at a vulnerable & sensitive time

Leaders who share personal experiences in challenging times create connections with their team. We should encourage more leaders to share stories, make connections and help others learn. If we don’t connect with each other, we can’t lean on each other. Our work suffers and the business suffers.

“There’s no magic formula for finding time to be there for people, I just do it.”

What we can do today

Anyone can be a leader. Think about the difference you want to make. Care less about yourself and more about others. There is no better time to flex our voice then now! Thank you to all who showed up and to Tammy Redpath and Target for hosting. Find out more about the event on Twitter at #AuthenticMpls. Join the Mpls MadWomen community as a sponsor and help us make a difference.

/ written by Kim Miller

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