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Event Recap / Growing Pains

Growing Pains – Overcoming Challenges on the Path to Success

Host / Muse Event Center / Feb 2017

Last night’s event at Muse Event Center was all about #GrowingPains and overcoming challenges on the path to success. We’ve all experienced bumps in the road on the way to building our careers and weren’t always sure how to move forward. These are the moments that drive change and allow us to learn and grow. If you don’t learn from your growing pains, they always come back. Our speakers Julie Batliner, Remi Kent, Mahtab Rezai and Lori Yeager share how they’ve worked through their own challenges. In the spirit of overcoming obstacles, we hope you find value in their advice.

Find a new path

Julie Batliner, President, Managing Partner, Carmichael Lynch
We’ve all been in a position where things didn’t go as expected. No matter how hard you work or how carefully you plan, it can be disappointing when things don’t go your way. When that happens, it’s important to take a step back, reevaluate your plan and find a new approach. You can always leverage sponsors, mentors and support systems that will help you. Tap into the “right” network to find your way.

“Sometimes you have to pivot to find your course”

Stop comparing yourself

Remi Kent, Global Brand Strategy Leader, 3M
We constantly go through growing pains; they’re uniquely designed for your growth. Growing pains can be your best friend. Comparisons, however, are not. Personal growth will come when you get away from comparisons and give up on being liked by everyone. The more you’re excepting of yourself, the more you’re excepting of others.

“When I’m not pissing someone off, I’m not doing something important”

Feel the pain

Mahtab Rezai, Principal & CEO, Crux Collaborative
Sometimes during growing pains, you’re not sure if you’re dying or getting stronger. Mistakes and misjudgments happen to everyone. Take a moment to acknowledge and feel the pain. If you experience a loss in confidence from failure, find a way to recover. Surround yourself with positive and honest people who will pick you up when you’re down. You may have to learn something new, develop a new skill or redefine your path. Do what you need to do to discover what serves you.

Let yourself feel the hurt

Reevaluate your beliefs

Lori Yeager, President, Martin Williams
When we experience growing pains, most of us go on autopilot and let our beliefs lead us. Instead, look inward and ask yourself, who am I and what am I good at. Does the concept of yourself match your goals? When you start seeking validation outside of yourself, it’s time to change your belief system. It’s not easy, but it’s critical, because in both love and in business, nothing repels like desperation. Ultimately, when you think you are worthy of the success you desire, you will claim it.

Give yourself the job. Don’t seek validation.

Growing pains are opportunities. If something is going wrong for you, make sure you’re doing the work of you. Be cognoscente of your reactions in challenging situations and analyze the ways you can adapt. In the course of growing, there will be these moments. These moments help us grow into our power and our own authenticity. Thank you to everyone who came out last night and to all of our sponsors. You too can join the Mpls MadWomen community as a sponsor and help us make a difference.

/ written by Kim Miller

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