Event Recap / MPLS MadWomen & Professional Humans: Lighten Up

Host / Aster Cafe / Apr 2016

Let’s talk gender perceptions. How do gender biases around strengths and weaknesses show up in the workplace and to what affect?

Showing strong emotions at work, or asking a lot of questions are often wrongly perceived as weaknesses. Having strong character, caring about your job and speaking up as a leader, on the other hand, are what makes you good at what you do. It’s all in how we perceive strengths and weaknesses. Alison Beattie of Target & MPLS MadWomen, Erinn Farrell of Space150, and Chad Gillard of GoKart Labs & Midwest Pantry teamed up with Professional Humans co-hosts Elli Rader and Josh Berg. Hear what the panel had to say about challenging ingrained behaviors and perception of those behaviors in the episodes entirety, and start the conversation on how to be your authentic self without letting societal pressures force you to act a certain way.

Thanks to our sponsor, Aster Cafe for making us feel at home (and for the fancy cucumber water) and to everyone who attended #LightenUpMPLS.

Keep an eye out for the next MPLS MadWomen event, The Man Event at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts on May12th.

/ written by Kim Miller

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