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Event Recap / OwnItMSP

Own Your Confidence

Host / Space150 / June 2015

Confidence is a feeling. It’s not something you can add to your cart at—although that would be convenient. It strikes a chord across genders, industries and mastering the art of confidence takes work. Minneapolis MadWomen Laura Nelli, Meghan Wilker, Alex Steinman, Jana Shortal, Natalie Lutz and Jen Sinkler share their stories and experiences on how they learned to be confident. Take one new idea, feeling, or fact to boost your confidence.

Taking charge of your career:

If you can’t find the opportunities, create your own. Establish a kickass support system, amplify your experiences, and know who you are and where you want to go. Remember YOU get to define YOU.

How to have confidence even when your tank is running low:

Appearing and feeling confident is not the same thing. If your confidence is low, it’s your job to rebuild it, and building confidence means finding ways to trust yourself. Don’t worry about being the best and knock it off with the negativity!

Have creative confidence and prioritize yourself:

You never know how personal changes can change your professional life. A transitional phase like coming back to the office from maternity leave can be a challenging journey. Even though your pant size may have changed, doesn’t mean your skills have. Evaluate what you need, ask for it and be kind to yourself.

Finding your confidence by finding your own voice:

You suck at being everyone else, but you’re really good at being you. Be intuitive to your strengths, practice them and they will flourish. When you find your unique voice, you’ll know when you hear it.

Confident without ego:

Being confident is hard and it takes repetition. Be aware that at one point or another, we all feel sweaty, nervous and unconfident. Build your confidence by helping others see theirs; it’s contagious, so spread it.

Confidence in our physical appearance:

Forget the thigh gap. Seek new skills and become a more physically capable human. Focus on building on your strengths and less on appearance. Rise up, stand proud and take up space.

What now?

Find your tribe. Look for people that are honest and okay with you messing up. People that make you feel confident and are there for you when you need help, who remind you who you are and will ground you when you’re losing your mind. Surround yourself with those people and own your confidence #OwnItMpls.

/written by Kim Miller

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