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MadWomen of the Month / Tammy Redpath

First, tell us a little about yourself: Name, Title, Company, How you got there. We want to know your story.

I’m Tammy Redpath, the senior vice president of Target Creative and marketing operations.   I’ve spent my entire career at Target, which has been amazing! I graduated from the University of St. Thomas in 1991 with a degree in Marketing and took my first role at a Target store. My stores experience was a great opportunity to learn retail, Target and leadership. I moved from the store to marketing, where I’ve been in various positions for nearly 20 years. I’ve embraced continuous learning, saying yes, taking risks, embracing new opportunities and being open to possibilities – which all led me to my current role. I’m inspired by my team and my work and feel challenged every day.

It is known that Target has high expectations of their employees and encourage innovation. What innovation or innovative idea has surprised you most?

There is so much innovation happening at Target. I’m personally excited about the Target Accelerator Program which is designed to help early stage startups in India develop concepts that could improve Target’s business and the broader retail industry.
The Accelerator program has allowed them to tap into the startup ecosystem while providing a unique opportunity to work with the Target leadership team in a specially designed, energetic and creative hub.

What are the characteristics/philosophies of great leadership that are important to you?

My career at Target has grounded me in two simple beliefs: build the best team and do the best work. And I believe that it all starts with the team. It’s critical to know individuals as whole people, understand their skills, motivations and hidden talents and connect with them beyond the obvious to unlock their strengths and potential. Once we have the best team in place, the opportunities to do world-class work are endless and anything is possible.

What is your purpose (or goal) in leading your teams?

My purpose, when leading my team, is to be an engaged leader and make a difference in the lives of others.

Tammy, you’re known for your amazing levels of energy and enthusiasm… how do you fuel your positivity? Give us a few tips.

I’m fueled in so many ways: working on really complex problems that I know we can solve, engaging with super talented and smart people across Target, celebrating the success of others, having perspective and making connections with people. It’s always about more than just work – I look to make it fun, come from a place of optimism and not take things too seriously.

You’re a familiar face at MPLS MadWomen events… what is it about our mission that connects with you?

I believe there is a great opportunity to support and connect women in meaningful ways. MadWomen’s mission to inspire women to pursue their ambitions and achieve professional goals by igniting conversations to bridge the gender gap in the creative community really aligns with my ambition to make a difference in the lives of others. MadWomen provides a great opportunity for me to get involved with women across Minneapolis to make a difference and drive positive change.

What is your personal definition of what makes a “MPLS MadWoman” and how do you strive to embody that in your professional and personal life?

A Minneapolis MadWoman is purpose driven, authentic, strong-willed and hardworking. She is invested in her own personal growth and development and pushes herself to pursue her goals and dreams.   For me, it means that I’m always defining and redefining what’s next for me, committing to goals and pushing myself to lead a rewarding life. One example for me is my 50 by 50: a list of things I want to accomplish by the time I am 50 (3 years from now)! I started the list to make sure I was focused on what I really wanted to accomplish in my personal and professional life. And one thing on the list is #cheerstotalentedwomen, a gathering I started last year to connect all of the talented women at Target (there are many!).


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