Founded in 2013, Mpls MadWomen is a grass roots initiative started by an inter-agency group of amazing women, all striving to not only make an impact on gender equality, but also to nurture their own professional and personal development. We’re excited to have you onboard as a part of the ever-evolving journey. The board was solidified in 2014, with seven initial members and two advisors, and we’re just now beginning to expand our volunteer opportunities to allow talented folks like you to join us in making an impact.

There are several open positions at different levels in the organization, everything from committee to board and we’re hoping to find motivated individuals who align with our values and make us even better.

You want to get involved because you believe that your personal values align with our mission of making a difference through positivity, support and sparking difficult conversations. With any volunteer opportunity, you get out of it an exponential amount from what you drive and put into it – and we want to see you own the shit out of your involvement. Jump in, get involved, raise your hand, learn and push yourself and the rest of the team. Bring ideas to the table for how to make things better, then ACT. DO. MAKE. Get shit done!

Tell us a bit more about yourself to apply as a Mpls MadWomen Volunteer.

Open positions and needs:


  • Website Committee Members
  • Sponsorship Committee Members
  • Communications/PR Advisor
  • Communications Committee Members
  • Event Producers & Committee Members
  • Content Committee Members