Closing the Deal

Last night the MPLS MadWomen hosted an event on Closing the Deal. Margaret Murphy, President of Olson was our speaker. She kicked things off with her earliest memory of successfully closing the deal. At the young age of 17, she convinced a fast-food restaurant to keep their soon to be closing drive-thru open under her supervision. Since then, she's built a career on mastering the art of selling and client services. Here are her 5 powerful ways to win, get what you want and #CloseTheDeal.

Find a Point of Passion

No matter what it is you're doing, remember what you're working toward! Find the kernel of passion. Project love, heart, grit and stamina: people will recognize it and it will resonate with them.

Do your Homework: Start Smart, Stay Smart

Know what you're talking about when you're networking, interviewing or working with an account, because being informed means something. Time is priceless, the clients' and yours. Find questions that are meaningful and engaging to get the most out of your time. Remember, hustle beats talent, when talent doesn't hustle. If you don't hustle, someone will pass you by.

Discern like the Client

Think of yourself as the client

To sell your ideas, they have to be bullet proof. How will the client buy what you're selling? Rehearse the pitch and anticipate the hard questions and the internal questions the client might receive; help them fight the fight.

Chemistry is an Art not a Science

Clients buy people; they don't buy agencies. Bring energy and life to client meetings and calls and be the best part of their day! Think of outside of the box for ways to connect with new clients and keep connections fresh with long-standing accounts.

Your Brand Matters so Sell CONFIDENCE

Can you articulate your brand in a simple way people will understand and inspires? Are you being substantive at every step? Look around — are people moving toward you? TELL YOUR STORY! When you tell your story with conviction, people will follow.

Improve the way you sell your ideas, talents and negotiate terms.

Build trust with clients and the people around you by using one of these tips on closing the deal in your personal or professional life #CloseTheDeal.

/written by Kim Miller