Modern Mentorship

Mentorship has evolved to include both traditional and modern relationships. Mentors and mentees can be, co-workers, friends, role models or icons. Someone you see weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or yearly. Someone you consult via instant messenger or someone you follow to spark ideas in 140 characters or less on your twitter newsfeed.

Modern Mentors

  • The Publicist: They're likely to open new doors and introduce you at an industry event
  • The Teammate: They're at a similar place in their career, they offer validation, perspective and motivate you to move forward
  • The Life Coach: You can be honest with them and they have your best interest at heart
  • The Hero: You admire where they are in their career, respect them and may have never even met them
  • The Challenger: You've never completely understood their viewpoint, they call you out when you're off track and question perspective
  • Why it's important

A mentor/mentee relationship is mutually beneficial. Both need one another for professional growth and development. Mentees need to have guidance through challenging situations and someone to support them. Mentors need mentees to practice and advance leadership skills

Settling for someone who isn't right for your development can be counterproductive. Look for qualities in an individual that motivate and inspire you.

What now?

We've all been there, prospect stakeout. You find someone you want to connect with and the hunt begins. Stop social stalking and set a goal! Who do you want to chat with and what do you want to know? Now, make your move.

  • Start with coffee as an icebreaker
  • Have specific questions for your potential candidate
  • Decide if the match is a success
  • If there is potential, get going on a plan of action
  • Building a solid relationship takes time and patience. Don't let it die; continue to nurture it! #Madformentors

/ written by Kim Miller